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  • Data Stories Project: The Economics of Sea Level Rise

    Data Stories Project

    Digital Ocean is excited to announce the launch of our Data Stories Project. We believe that it is more important than ever to support our stories with data and research, yet often the data behind academic research is in inaccessible formats for ocean storytellers. Numbers can tell a very powerful story, but only if they are put into context.

  • Students Saving the Ocean Documentary Project


    In 2009, Digital Ocean embarked on its first big project: a feature length documentary called Students Saving the Ocean. This project highlighted programs around the Bay Area, where Digital Ocean is based, that teach students about the oceans.

  • Helping Communities Protect Coral Reefs


    On Fana and Merir Islands in South West Palau, the local communities know that prevention of illegal fishing is the most important, immediate step toward bringing about healthy coral reefs, productive turtle and bird nesting areas, and thriving island ecosystems for their communities.

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