About Us

Digital Ocean is a crowdfunding site for ocean sustainability projects. Our mission is:

  1. To aid people on the front lines of restoring and protecting our treasured oceans by providing financial and community support
  2. To improve awareness and provide opportunities for the public to engage in ocean issues

Why does Digital Ocean exist?

Ocean acidification, pollution, overfishing, and species extinction are just a few of the many issues facing our oceans. Despite the existence of such serious issues, the public, by and large, is not well informed. For example, according to research performed by the Ocean Project, just 14% of Americans have ever heard of ocean acidification. Further research shows that once people are informed, their concern spikes. Still, large media outlets do not find the story entertaining, which makes it hard for those that are doing something about it to get their message out. Digital Ocean was created to solve this problem by offering you a way to get informed and involved by contributing and promoting projects on this site dedicated to reversing the mass extinction currently underway in our oceans.

Where did the idea for Digital Ocean come from?

Digital Ocean was the genesis of the University of California Santa Barbara, led by Steve Gaines, dean of the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, NMRI, and by the Carsey-Wolf Center’s Environmental Media Initiative. Hundreds of individuals and organizations contributed to the needs and proposed solutions to ocean sustainability. Along the way the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, the Dave and Diane Toole Foundation, Outhink Media, Oracle, Google and many other organizations contributed to the formation of Digital Ocean.

How can you get involved?

Who are we?

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