In 2013, Digital Ocean partnered with Wallace J. Nichols’ Blue Marbles Project in pursuit of the goal to pass a blue marble through the hands of every person on earth and share a simple message of gratitude for our little blue planet.

The idea is simple: you give a blue marble to someone who you see doing good for our blue planet in an expression of gratitude and, in turn, that person passes that blue marble on to someone else in an expression of gratitude.

Digital Ocean helped the project spread its message through multiple outreach videos, which helped the Blue Marbles Project to raise $10,000 and spread thousands more blue marbles around the world.

The project is an ongoing environmental and social outreach campaign that seeks to reconnect people to our water planet through the science of gratitude. The name comes from the famous image of the earth taken on the Apollo 17 expedition in 1972, in which many have noted that the earth looks like a little blue marble. It began in 2010, on Jacques Cousteau’s 100th birthday, and has expanded around the world as blue marbles have been shared globally with millions of people in celebration of our blue planet.
When people share their gratitude for each other’s work by passing a blue marble they also build understanding, empathy, and love in our interconnected world. The blue marble opens up pathways through which we can learn and understand one another through a shared connection with the sea.

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