In 2009, Digital Ocean embarked on its first big project: a feature length documentary called Students Saving the Ocean. This project highlighted programs around the Bay Area, where Digital Ocean is based, that teach students about the oceans.

The documentary was inspired by the children’s book 50 Ways to Save the OceanStudents Saving the Ocean aimed to empower young people to engage with the oceans and the threats that they face. When people integrate small acts of conservation into their daily life from a young age it is easier for them to image and eventually implement the systematic changes that are necessary to build a sustainable relationship between the ocean and humans.

The movie won awards for Judge’s Best Pick and Call to Action Film at the Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary’s 2010 Ocean Film Festival.

Check out the documentary:

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The movie was made possible by University of California, Santa Barbara, Oracle, Outhink, and MediaMobz.